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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Authentic Rajasthani Ghewar

Ghewar is an Indian Mithai or dessert.  This Rajasthani dessert is very popular in Northern parts of India, specially savoured during Teej and Rakshabandhan festivals. It is a round mesh like fried delicacy drenched in sugar syrup and topped with sliced nuts and flavoured rabri. Making ghewar involves a technique for making its batter and the way it is poured in hot ghee. I won’t mark it as an easy dessert but I like making difficult dishes too J.. Here, for my friends and foodie lovers, I am sharing this authentic Indian Mithai with step by step pictures......


Making Ghewar involves three main steps – 1. Making Batter , 2. Frying, 3. Simmering in Sugar syrup.

For Batter – ( Makes 2 ghewar)

Maida / All purpose flour – 300 gms
Ghee ( Desi ghee / Vanaspati ghee)- 90 gms
Chilled water – ¾ cup or ice cubes - 10
Cold water – 1 ½ cups

For Frying-

Desi ghee / Vanaspati ghee – 1 kg ( as ghewar needs to be deep fried so need ½ of a deep tumbler atleast)

For sugar syrup –

Sugar – 3 cups
Water – 2 cups

For Topping – ( Optional)

Milk Full cream- 1 kg
Nuts – Pistachio / Almonds sliced
Cardamom Powder – ½ teaspoon
Silver Varq


Batter :

In a wide tumbler, take 90 gms ghee and add 8-10 icecubes and whisk vigorously. It takes approx. 15 -20 minutes to make it fluffy. You can also take ½ cup of chilled water instead of ice cubes and add it spoon by spoon while you whisk it.

When this process is done. Add maida in it and gradually add 1 ½ cup of cold water. Whisk it continously. Make sure no lumps are there..Batter has to be real smooth. At this time you can add yellow colour dissolved in water as I did.

If batter is still thick add more water and whisk. Batter has to be of pouring consistency as shown in the picture. Once done , keep this batter away from heat.

Frying of Ghewar:

There are specific utensils for making ghewar like a wide mouthed and deep kadhai, a ring mould etc., but I used a “bhagona” , a utensil which is deep and round. It gives ghewar its shape..

Now heat appox. 1 lt. Of ghee in it. Obviously it doesn’t take all this ghee, but is required for deep frying. Heat it on high flame.
When fumes start to arise, take a long handed ladle full of batter and pour in a thin line in the centre of ghee. Lots of foam forms on the surface..Flame should be on high. With a skewer make a hole in the centre of the ghewar. Wait for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes again pour a ladle full of batter in the centre. Make a hole again. Wait for 2 minutes and repeat this process for four times.

After that keep flame on medium high for 5 minutes. Then with the help of a skewer take the ghewar out and keep it in a slant plate or thali so that extra oil collects.
Similarly make another ghewar.

Making Sugar Syrup and Dipping Ghewar :

Make sugar syrup before frying the ghewar. 
In a pan add 3 cups sugar and one 2 cups water and make sugar syrup of single thread consistency.

When Ghewar frees from extra oil, dip it in this sugar syrup. Make sure that it is dipped fully. Let it be there for 5 minutes.

Then take it out with the help of skewer and again put it on the slant surface, so that extra syrup comes out. Handle it carefully, else it may break.

Let it dry for say 15 minutes.


You can add khoya on top of Ghewar and slivered nuts.

Rabri can also be added as a topping.

Only slivers of pistachios and almonds can be added.

Stick some silver varq.

Serve in slices.. Serve this to your loving brother this Rakshabandhan this traditional sweet and it will add to his love and you never know you may get some more gifts.. 

Hope you liked it...


  1. Wow! Perfect and delicious Ghevar. Looks awesome.

  2. Wow ....great work gal ..am so impressed ..I love Ghever ...missing it this time of year ...

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  9. nice recipe, i love ghevar and indian food.