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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wood Apple Punch / Bel ka Sharbat

Wood apple also known as "Elephant apple" and "Bel" in hindi is an excellent summer cooler. The juice is very soothing and a great medicine for heatstroke. It is easily available during summers and is easy to make. I never tried to make it as I thought its messy and its hard covering is difficult to break, but to my surprise a ripe woodapple breaks on one hit. So, I made this first time and sure will make it often due to its qualities. So , here I am sharing the recipe with pictures.


Woodapple - 1 medium
Sugar - As per taste
Water - 3-4 glasses
Salt - 1/2 tbs ( Optional)
Roasted Cumin powder - 1/2 tbs ( optional)


Take a woodapple and hit with a hammer.It will easily break. See the pictures.

Take out all the content from it and then scrap the sides also.

Now in a big bowl, take the woodapple  and add 4 glasses of cold water and mash the content

Keep mashing and mixing till it dissolves in water. Add water if its thick juice.

Now add powdered sugar and mix. Add some ice. Strain the juice.

Some salt and roasted cumin powder.

Woodapple punch is ready to serve.

Hope you liked it..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bottle Gourd Fudge / Lauki Ki Burfi

BottleGourd Fudge or famously known as Lauki / Doodhi burfi is made during fasts. Its a tasty dessert and not very difficult to make. I recently made it and more to use some leftover burfi. Here I am sharing the recipe with pictures..



Bottle Gourd / Lauki - 2 medium sized, peeled and grated.
Sugar - 200 gm
Green cardamom seeds powdered- 8
Khoya / Mawa / (Condensed milk - 1 tin) - 1 cup ( No sugar in case of condensed milk )
Pure Ghee/ Deshi Ghee - 1/2 cup
Dry fruits / Dried rose petals - For Garnishing ( optional)


In a wok, pour deshi ghee and once hot add grated bottlegourd and fry till its juice dries up. Approximately it takes 20- 30 minutes.

after 10 min.

Juice has dried up after 15 more minutes.

On another side make sugar syrup. Take suggested amount of sugar and half the amount of water ( if its one cup sugar, take 1/2 cup water) and let it boil for 10 minutes till it makes one string consistency)

When juices of bottle gourd dries up and the mixture leaves oil, add khoya/ mawa or condensed milk and mix it.

After 5 minutes add sugar syrup, cardamom powder and mix it properly for 3 minutes. Now switch off the flame.

Keep a greased thali ready.

Spread the mixture in the greased thali evenly.

Garnish it with dried rose petal or dry fruits and slightly press it, so that it sticks to the mixture.

Let it cool first and then keep it in refrigerator for 1 hr.

Take the thali and cut the mixture in diamond/ square/ rectangular shape. Place the fudge on a serving plate and enjoy the awesome taste of bottlegourd fudge or Lauki ki burfi.

Hope you liked it...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sprouted Black Gram Salad / Gram Usal

Salads are fast taking an important place in India's diet. People have become more fitness and nutrition conscious. There are thousands of salads recipes. Infact salads are a cook's easiest imagination. I made this sprouted black gram salad which is tasty as well as healthy. In Maharashtra this is called "usal" and why I am calling it an usal because I have chosen few ingredients from Usal's recipe. Here I am sharing the recipe with pictures.


Sprouted black gram - 2 bowls
Onion - 1 chopped in small pieces
Tomatoes - 2 medium chopped in small pieces
Green Chilly - 1 chopped
Coriander leaves - 4-5 tbs chopped
Curry leaves - 4-6
Mustard seeds - 1 tbs
Cumin Seeds- 1/2 tbs (optional)
Asafoetids - A very small pinch
Salt to taste
Lemon Juice


Parboil the sprouted gram.

In a pan, heat 2 tbs of oil. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and when they splutter add chopped onion, chilly and saute for two minutes.

Now add chopped tomatoes. Saute for a minute, add a small pinch of asafoetida and add parboiled gram in it.

Add salt and mix. Toss it for 5 minutes and switch off the flame. ( You can also add garam masala, amchoor powder, black pepper or any spice of your choice)

Sprinkle lemon juice just before serving and garnish with chopped coriander. Sprouted black gram salad is ready to be served.
Hope you liked it ..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sago Vada / Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada / Sago Vada is a popular dish majorly prepared during fasts. It is very tasty and can be eaten as a snack. This can be prepared as a side dish also. Here I am sharing the recipe with pictures..

Ingredients :

Sabudana- 2 cups
Boiled potatoes - 3-4
Peanuts crushed - 1/2 cup
Green Chillies - 3-4 chopped
Coriander leaves - 1/2 cup chopped
Salt to taste
Red Chilly powder- 1 tbs
Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 tbs


Soak sabudana for 2 hrs. After that drain water and in a bowl take mashed boiled potatoes, sabudana, crushed peanuts,chopped chillies, coriander, ginger, salt, red chilly powder, garam masala powder and mix well.

Heat oil in a wok and take small amount of mixture in your palm.


Form ball and press a hole in centre and drop in hot oil slowly.

Fry till golden brown. Keep on a tissue to absorb extra oil.

Serve with Green chutney or masala dahi.

Hope you liked it..

Dahi Vada / Lentils dumplings in yogurt

Dahi Wada or lentils dumplings in yogurt  is a famous dish of india. It is widely savoured in all the parts of India and is a rich dish. The taste is unique in itself. I make it on festivals, gatherings or any family get-togethers. This dish gives a rich addition to the menu. Here, I am sharing the recipe with pictures..


For Dumplings ( Vada ) –

Urad daal – 2 cups
Chana daal- ¼ cup
Gara masala Powder- 1 tbs
Salt to taste
Green chilly – 3 chopped.
Coriander Leaves – ¼ cup chopped
Ginger – 3 tbs chopped
Oil for deep frying
Curd - 3- 4 cups beaten.

For Seasoning

Roasted and powdered cumin seeds – 3-4 tbs.
Chaat Masala- 2 tbs
Red Chilly Powder – ½ tbs ( optional)

Method :

Soak urad and chana daal overnight and grind coarsely.

In the mixture add chopped green chilly, coriander, ginger, salt, garam masala powder and mix properly.

Heat oil in a wok.

Take small quantity of the mixture and drop it in hot oil. Try to drop by giving it a round shape. Fry till golden.

Similarly fry all and soak in water.

For serving, take 2- 4 vadas in a serving plate, pour some beaten curd over them.  Pour some sonth chutney. (Tamarind, jaggery sauce)

Sprinkle roasted and powdered cumin seeds, chaat masala, red chilly powder if you like and serve.


Hope you liked it ...

Friday, April 1, 2011


Gujiya is a popular festival dessert/ dish. It is prepared religiously in India during holi. Maida puri with sweet mawa and dry fruit stuffing gives it a heavenly taste. I never think twice before preparing it on Holi and I make sure that i make atleat 70-80. My family loves to eat Gujiyas made by me. And not boasting myself but I really make them delicious. Here I am sharing the recipe with pictures..


For Gujiya Wrap -

All purpose flour / Maida - 1/2 kg
Milk - 1 cup
Water -1 cup
Oil - 7-8 tbs.

For Stuffing -

Mawa / Khoya - 1/2 kg
Chironji - 1/2
Dessicated coconut - 1 cup
Raisins chopped - 1 cup
Powdered Sugar - 300 gms
Green cardamom seeds powder - 1 tbs.
Oil for frying


In a wok fry mawa / khoya for 10-15 minutes or till it turns light golden in colour. After it is done, keep aside and let it cool.

Sift maida and add approximate 7-8 spoons of oil and mix. Now pour 1 cup milk in it and knead soft dough , if it is hard then add water slowly. Keep the dough aside and cover it with a damp cloth.

Now , take khoya and crumble it or mash it to a crumbled texture.

Add powdered sugar ( according to your taste ), powdered cardamom seeds, chironji, coconut, raisins and mix properly.

Before starting to make Gujiya , mix 2 tbs maida in 1/2 cup water for sealing.

Make small balls out of dough.


Take a ball and make puri  with the help of a rolling pin.

Take a Gujiya mould ( easily available at local stores during holi ), place the puri on mould as shown.

Put one spoonful of the khoya mixture in it slowly and smear the sides with maida and water liquid.

Now turn the other half side on the khoya mixture and close the mould. Press gently . Take off the extra maida from the mould.

Slowly take out gujiya from the mould. Place it in a damp cloth.

Similarly, make gujiyas from entire mixture and dough.

Heat good amount of oil in a wok. Check the heat by dropping a small ball od maida. If it comes up, it's time to fry gujiyas. Fry two to three at a time or at your convenience.

Fry them very gently. It takes 7-8 minutes to fry Gujiyas.

Now, take fried gujiyas out of the oil. Drain extra oil .

Tasty Gujiyas are ready.  Serve.

Hope you liked ..